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I saw many girls on the internet suffer a lot  to buy maxi dresses , spicily when they looking to to buy it from united states  store , offline maxi dresses store or even online maxi  dresses store , no i guide you to buy it, from a-z  , also I will concern  the price  less than 100 box  for all types of maxi dresses I share with .

now , before entrance to type the guide to buy the maxi dresses , you have to note this point :

  • the cheap price for maxi dresses means less cotton percentage, even maybe its around 5% or less ,cheap price for maxi dresses around $25 , but it still good for who can not pay more than $30 to buy it.
  • maxi dresses is good for all seasons, so you can wear it as you like to do .
  • maxi dresses is good for who get more weight. to share some comfortable for wearing the clothes and cover the weight area , so the best choice is the maxi dresses  .
  • the quality for products I  recommend here ,  vary between high quality and average and low quality , its according to the price , mentioned  in point 1 .

now , how to buy the best maxi dress ,

I recommend we base on the Rotate  shop , you can go to buy from them from here 

now , after clicking the images up there , and going to the ROTITA  store  FOLLOW THIS STEPS

  1. CHOSE  the dresses you want to buy ,maxi dresses or summer dresses , white dresses  what ever you wan to buy ,click to add the items to  cart .
  2. read the customers reviews  about the items you  want to buy from them , if there is no any reviews , you can check the images well, and read the other reviews about others items , this give you indicate if the quality is good or not.
  3. place the orders .
  4. tack care about devilry time and shipment cost , there is three types for devilry ways:
    1- flat rate shipping , its free and get around 5-20 days in average, according to you country.
    stander shipping , its paid service , the payment amount depend on distance between store and you.its tack around 5 days .
    3- Express Shipping , calculating according the weight and distance , take around 5 days .
  5. pay them with wire transfer to buy the maxi dresses you like to buy, or use PayPal account .
  6. wait to get the order you paid for it .
  7. best wishes to like it .

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