Do the colors of clothes increase the love between the couple, especially the white dress?

The question is always what questions to myself, do colors have a relationship of love between husband and wife, I mean, do your love increase with certain colors?
The Experience shows, yes, to wear certain colors can increase the love between couples, especially married couples and friends, believe me, it is not racist toward girlfriends, but I hated illegitimate relations, anyway, what is featured in the colors, especially white to increase the love between couples?
Of course you know that the human eye sees in a certain range of wavelengths of colors, and therefore, the spirit of each character like colors to grainy psychology, where you find the likes of white color and some one likes of black color, and so on. If to take advantage of this rule
If everyone has a favorite color, let’s use this rule, we know what the other person color likes and wear, and so, if the opinion of the other person (husband / wife) what he loves, certainly will love wearing the same color! is in it? I think it's logical 
As you know, I always favored white dress, is always a favorite for anyone who wishes to psychological comfort throughout the day.